Cape Breton Privateland Partnership- FAQ


Why do we need another landowners group?

 CBPP is not so much another group as a way of co-ordinating the activities of existing landowner groups, and making sure that services are provided in the most efficient way possible. CBPP is a single point of contact for woodlot owners on Cape Breton, but services will continue to be provided through existing contractors and organizations.

Why should I join?

 Joining CBPP will provide you with access to professional, independent advice for your woodlot at either no cost or a reduced rate (Please see CBPP Services for a list of services and costs.). You can optionally have your property certified to the FSC forest management standard, and you can ask that any work carried out by a contractor on your property is audited by an independent professional. By joining the CBPP you can be assured that your forest will be managed to the highest possible standards, in a manner that meets your personal objectives.

 How much is it going to cost?

Joining CBPP costs $25 / year. Once you are a member you are eligible to receive services at either no cost or a reduced rate.  See CBPP Services for a list of services and prices.

 Do I have to follow the management plan that will be prepared?

An extension worker will discuss your objectives for your woodlot prior to a management plan being developed to make sure that the plan meets your goals for your woodlot. If the plan developed does not help you meet your specific goals for your woodlot, than we have failed in developing an appropriate plan for it. We ask to be informed of any significant activity prior to you carrying it out to make sure that it meets your goals and the minimum standards of the Partnership. However, we will not prevent you from carrying out any activity you feel is appropriate.

 Will my property be considered 'managed' for tax purposes?

Yes. To date, membership in a woodlot owner group, development of a forest management plan, and demonstration that you are active on your woodlot has been sufficient to have a woodlot considered managed and receive a lower tax rate. However we always recommend any woodlot owner seek professional tax advice.

Can I still be a member of the group I'm in now?

Absolutely. Here in Nova Scotia most services for woodlot owners are provided through a network of woodlot owner groups, and we encourage you to become active in any and all groups.

 Do I have to commit to not selling my land?

No. There is nothing legally binding about joining the CBPP, and you will remain free to sell your land or opt out of any forest management activities.

 I'm not interested in ever clearcutting my woodlot, so why should I get involved in forestry?

We understand that woodlot owners have a wide variety of reasons for owning and managing their woodlots, ranging from economic return to spiritual connection. Most of our members are primarily concerned with leaving their woodlot in a better condition for the next generation. Even if you are not motivated by an economic return for your woodlot, there are still a variety of services that CBPP can offer that will enhance your woodlot.

 Can I still access services and contractors outside the partnership?

Yes. We encourage members to use contractors who are part of the partnership because they have demonstrated a commitment to sustainable forest management and we have a performance record for them. However you are free to choose whatever contractor you want to work on your land.

 Why can't I join if I'm not on Cape Breton?

CBPP is a pilot project on cape Breton for a new way of providing forest management services to woodlot owners. If it is successful the concept will be rolled out across the province in the future.

 What is the first step, and what can I expect to happen?

The first step is to contact CBPP and ask for a free personalized 'Woodlot Assessment'. This is a summary of values on your woodlot, and will provide you with resources available to help you meet your individual goals. A forest professional will meet with you to review the document and discuss the next steps that make the most sense for you. This service is provided free to any woodlot owner on Cape Breton. If you feel you are ready to take this step take a moment to fill out our woodlot assessment application form.