Woodlot Assessment Report

This is an introductory service provided to all woodlot owners on Cape Breton. It includes a series of maps and reports about your woodlot as well as a meeting with a forest professional to talk about options for your woodlot. The maps and reports are based on computer mapping, not someone walking your woodlot.

Member Price:        Free

Non-Member Price: Free

Forest Management Plan

This is a complete management plan for your woodlot based on a forest professional walking the entire property. It includes information on what was found, prescribed treatments, maps and photographs of the woodlot.

Member Price:        $500 *This cost can be recovered by members at $1/tonne on wood delivered to Port Hawkesbury Paper.

Non-Member Price: $1200

FSC® Certification

This is an optional third party verification that any work completed on your woodlot meets the international Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) standard.

Member Price:        Free

Non-Member Price: Not Applicable

Contractor Supervision


An inspection is carried out on any contractor working on your woodlot. The completed report is made available to the woodlot owner, contractor, and any member interested in hiring that contractor in the future.

Member Price:        Free

Non-Member Price: Not Applicable

Drone Imagery



Your property will have ortho-rectified aerial imagery completed for it. This provides up to date information about the property, and is tremendously useful for all future activities. To qualify for discount pricing the imagery must be done prior to a management plan being completed.

Member Price:        $3.50 / Hectare

Non-Member Price: $7.00 / Hectare




An independent forest professional will flag areas on your woodlot to be harvested. In this way you can be sure that the area harvested is clearly understood prior to work beginning.

Member Price:        $20 / Hectare

Non-Member Price: $40 / Hectare





CBPP can arrange for silviculture on member woodlots. This can include covering the full cost of planting, pre commercial thinning, weeding, commercial thinning, selection management, crop tree release and crop tree pruning. As of June 2017 a management plan must be in place to receive silviculture funding.

Member Price:        $0 / Hectare

Non-Member Price: Not available

Woodlot Monitoring


CBPP will provide an annual visit and report for woodlot owners unable to regularly visit their property. Program currently underdevelopment. Please let us know if you would be interested in this service.

Member Price:        Under development

Non-Member Price: Not available